I am Carraban. I like to go everywhere with you. You can put everything in me. I will not tear quickly and I am also water-repellent. I am made from cork under the Portuguese sun.

The cork oak is an impressive tree that grows up to 200 to 500 years old. To make the tree grow, my makers take the cork off the bark every 9 years under strict supervision.

A beautifully sustainable process. I am proud to be a natural product! Each bag is unique in its kind.

Every little bit helps in the step to a more beautiful world. Buy a Carraban and you have a family member for life!

Happy pineapple family
I didn't just come about. I was designed by Astrid Beerkens, the owner of Carraban. She is the mother of four wonderful children who had the ardent desire to leave a better world for them and all generations to come. After years of research, she ended up in Portugal where she came into contact with the cork product.

She likes to introduce the world to alternatives to leather and plastic: cork bags. Carraban was created with the well-being of people, the environment, animals and the planet in mind. She has the bags produced in a small factory in Portugal. This creates employment and stimulates the economy. The bags are handmade with a lot of love.

I hope you also get excited about our beautiful new collection!